How hi™ Works.

We make it simple for you to find the right Provider for needs. See how it all works below.

Tasha gets a "Bronze" Individual Plan

Individuals go online and sign up for coverage by picking a Coverage Level that fits  their lifestyle. Within 24hrs they are approved and an account is created making them "Members" of our hi™ Family.

Once approved for coverage, Policy Holders receive their Member ID Card(s), Member Benefit Guide as well as access to our user-friendly Network of Providers to choose from.

Tasha is having a problem and is in need of a Healer.
Tasha logs on to our national database to find her desired Provider.

From substance abuse, pain crisis, doula services, chakra alignments, sound therapy, spiritual healing and more, hi™ covers all sorts of alternative treatments. 

When a Member is in need of a Provider, they are able to our national database, locate one and schedule services directly with them. 

Tasha pays her co-pay (based on her plan) and receives treatment.

Based on the Member's Coverage Level, the Provider will charge the Member a co-pay for services rendered based on the agreed rates and percentages of coverage. The Member pays the co-pay and hi™ covers the agreed balance to the Provider.

EXAMPLE: If a Member has the Bronze Coverage Plan (50% coverage) and is pregnant and needs a Doula, if the Provider’s fee is $1,000 hi™ will pay out 50% of the contracted fee, making the Member's co-pay $500.

That simple.

Tasha is healed and everyone is happy!

Tasha is now healed and feeling amazing and the Practitioner has been paid and feels great about the services they provided.

80% Coverage on Your Next Massage

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